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Keynote Speaker 1   10:45-11:25, Nov. 12 (Tue.)
Prof. Juergen Roedel
Technische Universitat Darmstadt, Germany
“The Road to Lead-Free Piezoceramics”

Keynote Speaker 2   11:25-12:05, Nov. 12 (Tue.)
Prof. Han-Ill Yoo
Seoul National University, Korea
“Open Circuit Voltage of a Galvanic Cell, A State Property?”

Keynote Speaker 3   10:45-11:25, Nov. 13 (Wed.)
Prof. Kenji Uchino
Office of Naval Research Global, USA
“Politico-Engineering - In Actuator/Piezoelectric Devices -”

Keynote Speaker 4   11:25-12:05, Nov. 13 (Wed.)
Prof. Takao Someya
University of Tokyo, Japan
“Ultraflexible and Stretchable Organic Electronics for Biomedical Applications”

Keynote Speaker 5   11:00-11:40, Nov. 13 (Wed.)
Dr. Victor I. Klimov
Los Alamos National Laboratory, USA
“Two for the price of one: New Insights into carrier multiplication in semiconductor nanocrystals”

Keynote Speaker 6   10:45-11:25, Nov. 14 (Thu.)
Prof. John F. Wager
Oregon State University, USA
“An Amorphous Oxide Semiconductor Thin-Film Transistor Route to Oxide Electronics”
Keynote Speaker 7   11:25-12:05, Nov. 14 (Thu.)
Prof. Jong Min Kim
University of Oxford, UK
“Nanotechnology Convergence for IT, ET, and BTs.”